How To Ensure Your Toddler’s Safety Around Your Home?

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A home is a sanctuary not only for its adult occupants, but also to those that are much younger. It is the safe haven for young children, that includes their parents; the adults that provide them with a sense of security and safety.

However, a home is also, albeit unavoidably, a place of many dangers, especially for toddlers. Various elements of the home may pose different threats to the wellbeing of the child. Finding ways in which to minimize and curb these dangers is therefore of the utmost importance.

Electrical appliances/switches
One of the main safety hazards around the home are electrical outlets. These may range from electrical outlets on the walls to electrical appliances in the kitchen and laundry areas of the home. An iron or a blender, for example, may each pose the risk of seriously harming a child. As such, these appliances should be put away after each use, or at the very least, used somewhere that is out of reach for the toddler.

Furthermore, electrical outlets around the home pose extreme danger to a toddler. As some of them also tend to be lower on the wall and closer to the ground, they are well within reach of a child. To avoid any accidents, it is necessary to cover up these outlets. This can be done with ready-made outlet covers made specifically for this purpose, or you may improvise and use either cardboard or industrial tape to cover up the outlets.

Stairs and banisters
Staircases and banisters also pose threats to the safety of the toddler. A toddler may fall down the stairs or even fall between the banisters of the staircase or around the house. One way in which to protect the child form staircase-related accidents is to set up gates that are specifically designed and marketed for toddler safety. Furthermore, in terms of banisters, one may use hardboard or any other durable material to temporarily cover up the spaces between banisters, until the child is of an age in which he understand the dangers it poses.

Other hazards
Several other miscellaneous features around the home may be dangerous. For instance, if your home has an automatic garage door installed, it may pose a danger to a small child.


For this reason, it is important to install door with special sensors to detect when something or someone is in its path. Additionally, parents should be extremely careful when entering the garage with vehicles, and should thoroughly check their surroundings before doing so.