How To Make A Shared Children’s Bedroom Feel Less Cramped?

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In an ideal world, we’ll always be able to have our ideal home. It’ll be in the perfect location, and designed the perfect way, and it’ll be perfectly sufficient for your whole family. Unfortunately for us, we live in a world that is far from perfect. The perfect home is either a mere dream for most of us; or we realize once we have it that it doesn’t suit our needs and wants anymore. Sharing a bedroom can get hard, especially if it’s a small space that feels cramped. Here are a few tips on how to make your children’s shared bedroom appear a little less cramped.

  • Opt for bunk beds. Having the beds attached together will definitely help on saving space. It will also help the room feel less cramped. Make sure to get good quality and steady mattress bases—this will ensure that you can use these beds until your children grow much older.
  • If the option to buy mattress base doesn’t interest you, then consider your children’s room’s natural and artificial lighting. Try and get in plenty of natural light into their bedroom by keeping the windows open whenever possible, and keeping it clean and clear. This will help their room feel fresh and airy, and also make it a more pleasant place for them. Check this link if you are looking for perfect mattress.
  • Since it’s a shared room, it’s going to be very busy. Try not to add to the busyness through its wall paper and decorations. Select summery colors with clean designs and avoid the overly busy designs in general.
  • Try to get furniture that can be tucked away when not in use. Foldable chairs and pull out desks are great for small bedrooms and shared rooms. To make sure there is no confusion or mess with things, ensure that your children get their own individual working stations and storage options.
  • Open shelves work great in small spaces because they don’t “appear” to take up a lot of space. If possible, try to get your shelves on the corners of their room. Corner shelves are a smart option because though they do take the necessary space, it still looks like it has only taken half the space.
  • Open shelves don’t work that great in some urban homes; especially if the home is built in a very dusty part of the town. In this case, try to find designs that have glass panels included in it. From wardrobes to closed bookshelves, this works great in making small spaces look less cramped.
  • Teach your children to keep their room clutter free. Though it might be a little much for them, they’ll thank you in the long run. Just small things like returning things to where they were originally from, and winding wires that are not in use can make a huge difference in keeping a room clutter free. And a clutter free room automatically looks less cramped…