How To Prevent Or Eliminate Insects

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If pest are not controlled they can cause a great deal of damage. Damages to businesses, households, gardens etc. by pest are great. They can damage homes, spread diseases and destroy plants and vegetables. There are so many types of pests such as ants, mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites in Central Coast and etc.

There are many methods of getting rid and preventing these pests. Different methods have their own advantage and limitations. But it is up to you to decide the best method you need to use in eliminating these pests. There are two main types of pest control that are used mostly. That is the natural or chemical method.

The natural pest control method uses organic or biological resources to decrease or eliminate infestation without harming the environment, humans and other living things. Whereas using chemical to control pest is powerful and effective by using chemical pesticides. These pesticides will destroy, lessen and eliminate pests. Pesticide is a substance or mixture of substances used for repelling, preventing, destroying or mitigating any pests.

People or businesses can use both these methods together or separately in controlling the infestation problems. The natural method is very expensive and takes longer to produce results but it does not harm the environment. However, the chemical pesticides are cost effective to many; it is less expensive and readily available unlike the natural method. Also it is easy to use and shows results instantly. But this also have drawbacks such as harming the environment because of the harmful toxics used; damaging the ozone layer and some organisms in the agriculture fields. Another drawback is some pesticides are only able to eliminate the pest problem for temporary period of time.

Although the above two methods are the main ways. There are other ways and approaches that can be used in controlling pests. One such approach is prevention. This is the best plan to control pests. You can do this in three important and easy steps. That is sealing or shutting all possible pests’ entrances, not allowing any food sources that will attract pests and ensuring that your home is not a breeding environment for pests.

Another way is by using traps or bait. Traps are good way in catching non-insect pests like mice or rats. It is an easy way to capture and dispose the trapped pests. Pest baiting insects are by attracting and trapping them by baits. Usually baits allow pests to feast on poisons and allow then to carry it to their clusters and spread the poison effects on their entire population and thereby eliminating the pest.