How To Properly Organize Your Office

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Your office can be a really stressful place but if your workplace is properly organized, the ability to focus and to stay focused and the productivity will increase. The lighting in your workplace is one of the most important factors which helps you stay focused on your work and to help you be creative. Bad lightning in your office can bring about eye strains, headaches that also cause fatigues. Dark spaces are proven to cause depression. When you work at home, open all the doors and windows and let in natural light. If the table and a chair that you use aren’t properly fitted, it would bring about lost of comfort and focus. Your eyes has to be kept 24 to 36 inches away from your computer screen and the top of the monitor should be at eye level or below . Your feet should be rested on the floor. Request for an adjustable chair, if you’re uncomfortable, from your office and keep your desk organized.

How to properly organize your bathroom

Many people use the bathroom for some quality ‘me’ time and yes, singing in the shower can be pretty fun.Your bathroom has to be properly organized to avoid the mess and also many chemicals are used in your bathroom, so good care must be taken of them because they can cause unnecessary trouble if used for something which is not recommended. Clean your bathroom tiles in Sydney once or twice a month and properly organize your medicine tablet and throw away expired medicine, which can no longer be used. Put all your hair care products such as gels, sprays, hair dryers and hair straighteners in a separate drawer or a plastic tub to save a lot of space. If you have products which are not used and are still in good condition, you can give them away. If your towel rack cannot take all your towels, you can use hooks, which are inexpensive.

How to properly organize your refrigerator

Not everybody considers organizing their refrigerator, instead they just toss things inside. Things which are not being cooked has to be taken extra care when putting into the refrigerator. Place them on the top shelf and the food which needs to be cooked at the highest temperature needs to be at the bottom shelve of the refrigerator. Top shelves should be filled with leftovers, Ready-to-Eat food, such as yogurt cheese and drinks. The lower shelves can be used to store raw ingredients. The warmest part of your fridge is its door, don’t put your eggs or milk in the door, instead put condiments.