Taking Care Of Benchtops Of Your Kitchen

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If you will take care of benchtops of your kitchen, then they will last for longer time, perhaps a lifetime. Here are some tips for their maintenance.

Marble, granite and travertine:

People generally clean their new kitchen benchtops extremely functional and versatile with normal cleaners, and tap water. After certain time period they tend to avoid soaps because they are sticky. That is why soap-less cleaners are high in demand but people can use bio-degradable liquid or phosphate free dish soaps. These are also aromatic. 

You should clean that surface of your kitchen bench top with mild hot water and then use the cleaner and sweep several times over the top. You should use cotton or any soft cloth and when the cleaning is done then let it dry in the fresh air.


You should use coasters or placemats to protect the glasses because marble is very sensitive and stains are quite common. So, when you see it immediately remove it by water rinsing. Otherwise water rings can be seen. Spills should also be avoided or there may be stains – so separate the foods, juices, water, beverages, cosmetics, etc. Marble is sealed to prevent the stains with penetrating sealer so you should reseal it after certain time period. Do not ever use chemical products, which are formed with acids. Otherwise, marble will dissolve in that solution.


Acidic products should be avoided as the marbles are calcareous stone kitchen renovations http://www.guthriesjoinery.com/joinery/kitchen/. So, these will change the natural texture and glossy finishing.


Marble will also burn if you keep hot pots or frying pans directly on the bench tops. Hence use potholders to protect the marble tops.


It is recommended that people should avoid keeping hot pans or pots on any stone surfaces as you will receive extreme thermal shocks. Granite is naturally heat protected and it can bear near 150 to 200 Celsius but over time you will notice small hairline crack and it will reduce the product’s strength.

Acid based chemicals are also prohibited as this will burn the glossy finish. If the granite is of light colored, then you should extra protection as they are very prone to stains.

Engineered stone:

It is the stone which is mostly demanded in the market due to its feature and it does not need heavy maintenance; you can use regular bleaching powder for cleaning purpose. Use a damp or wet cloth and mild hot water to clean the surface.