The Bequest

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When they died, Sophie’s parents bequeathed their three houses on neighbouring blocks to their four children with the hope that they would one day demolish the three houses and build four units on the three large blocks; one for each child. In the meantime, the houses were to be rented out with the rental income going into a trust fund for the purpose of building the units. That dream came to fruition two decades after their deaths. By that time, the houses were old and ready to be knocked down. Sophie and her siblings hired an architect to draw up plans for the four units. Each unit was to have four bedrooms and two or three bathrooms depending on the configuration of the floor plan. Then they took their architectural floor plans to several builders to obtain the cheapest quote to build. They chose the builder from the local area who had extensive knowledge of the neighbourhood. Construction of the units began in late 2010. The walls of the four units went up quickly because the builder had many of his own workers onsite during the week. When it came to the interior, he had to work with outside contractors; for example, plumbing contractors, Sydney electrical contractors, painting contractors, etc.

The plumbing contractor’s job was to install all pipe lines and plumbing fixtures and equipment in the units. The painting contractor’s job was to paint the units to make them look nice on the inside and outside as well as to protect them from damage caused by water, mould, rust, corrosion and insects. The electrical contractors’ job was to design, install and maintain all four units’ electrical and cabling requirements inside each unit and in the common areas outdoors such as pathway and driveway lighting. In this particular case, the electrical contractor was a partnership where two people were the technical nominees/supervisors licensed and trained as electricians. They had a current A-class Electrician’s Licence, completed the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment or Capstone Assessment and are registered with EnergySafe Victoria and held the appropriate liability insurances to protect their employees and home owners against injury and property damage caused by their electrical contracting work. Visit this link if you are looking for a commercial residential electrician in Sydney.

It was too bad that Sophie’s parents didn’t live to see their plans for the four units materialize. However, Sophie and her siblings and their respective children are the lucky beneficiaries of her parents’ love and generosity. Not many families get to live next to each other with cousins, nieces and nephews playing together in the same compound and celebrating birthdays and major events together as an extended family. In the warmer weather, Sophie enjoys sitting on her front porch watching the children play. The setting sun activates the pathway bollard lights, which lights up the common areas outdoors; thus allowing the children to play outside a little longer. How blessed they feel.