The Don’ts Of A Being A Professional Cleaner

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If you are a professional cleaner or housekeeper, there may be many things that your client is expecting you to do. This is the usually the first question that most potential clients will ask you when they are thinking about hiring you to do the cleaning for them. They will all ask you what you can do. And these credentials are essential if you want to land a god job, just like with any other job. But what most people tend to forget is that when it comes to any job, how perfectly you do it also depends on what you don’t do along with what you can do. Because most clients have a certain set of rules which they are a very particular about and they love employees who don cross the line. Employees who know what to do and what not to do.

So what are some of these rules for a housekeeper?

Maybe you work for professional cleaning services or you are hired by word of mouth. Whatever it is there are certain things that a housekeeper should not do. The most critical of these rules is that you should never enter the house or any room in the house without first knocking on the door. This is the one thing that you should always keep in mind. Because no one likes it when somebody enters without any warning. Maybe the client has given you a spare key to the house for ease and convenience but this doesn’t mean that you can enter as when you please. But you need to show the courtesy of knocking because there may be awkward moments that you can walk into if you don’t do this, putting yourself and the client at discomfort. Visit this link for more info on cleaning services North Sydney.


No talk while working

Another thing that most clients dislike are cleaners who continue to prattle while working. You should task always try to keep conversation to a minimum even if you are doing a boring task like tile and grout cleaning. If the client engages you in small talk it’s alright to participate, but most clients will prefer to be left alone and you should respect this. Because at the end of the day you must remember that your relations ship with the client is a professional one and this professionalism has to be maintained at all times. You don’t go around asking the client how something came to be where you found and what not, because this extends to the point of being nosy and most clients will dislike those kind of questions being directed at them. So sometimes the whole point of being an excellent housekeeper is all about what you actually don’t do. Because clients like people who mind their own business and get the job done all the while adhering to the rules they have in place. So if you can do this then you will definitely be a popular amongst your clients.  Click here for more info on tile and grout cleaning.