The Good And Bad Side Of An Artificial Lawn

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This term maybe new to you but not too many of us who find difficulty in maintaining gardens. It is indeed pleasing to breathe that natural air in a green garden. But with all the work and household chores, you may find it hard to water, weed and maintain your garden. Artificial grass has replaces a lot of natural gardens and lawns and also most importantly have made a lot of lives easier. Well, there are pros and cons in this too. Here are some things you should know before turning your garden into a forever green looking garden.

The advantages

Firstly, low maintenance is required. You don’t need to spend time watering and mowing your grass. This is the main reason why synthetic gardens became so famous. Many find it hard spend time to maintain this. So, this saves time and energy. And if you are an elderly person who still wants a garden but have no way of doing so, then this is ideal solution for you.

Have you experienced you water bills going off limits in summer? If you have a garden and if you can remember that you spent a lot of time watering them, then you have the clear reason why this happened. Artificial grass doesn’t need any water or mowing. By this you can save your money in fertilizers too since it doesn’t need any weeding.

Long lasting is another advantage in this synthetic lawn. You don’t need to worry about different problems that come across the normal natural grass. Also it drains water quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to worry after a big shower of rain. It dries quickly and has a good drainage system. Also it doesn’t create mud puddles. So, gone are the days that there are mud everywhere your lawn that makes you uncomfortable.

No guilt here after for not mowing your grass. It will look the same for years and years. So, you don’t need to feel embarrassed for not keeping it well.

The disadvantages

Well, you can not at all expect that natural essence of earth in the artificial grass. The smell of freshly cut grass, the wetness it offers and also the natural air will not be provided through this. So, the choice is yours.

This method is very cost effective and needs a lot of fortune to install. Some can’t afford it since it takes a lot. The rubber cushion that is in this surface needs to be re filled occasionally. So, you will also need to pay attention to it too.

Even though the manufacturers ensure that it is healthy and safe to use there is a debate ongoing saying that most of the chemicals are not good for us. However it becomes very much hot during summer and makes you feel more uncomfortable.