Tips For Good Home Maintenance

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Just like everything else, your home too needs maintaining. A car needs its oils changed for it to perform better, likewise for a home to be functioning well it needs to be maintained adequately. The list of tasks can be rather long, but the upside of this is that you can do almost all of them yourself without having the need to bring in any professionals. If ever you get stuck while doing certain tasks then there is no shame in calling someone up, or even research online on how things must be done. Given below are a few tasks which have to be taken care of.

Monthly tasks

Change out all the HVAC filters. It is recommended to be changed every month, but this is not always necessary. Check whether the filters are dirty, if they are then change them out and if they are not leave them in and check on them the following month. Keeping the kitchen disposal clean is also important. One of the way to do this is running some vinegar ice cubes through the disposal allowing the blades to sharpen while freshening it up and keeping it clean.

Quarterly tasks

Test all the smoke detectors in your home. You need these detectors to be working right at all times. Therefore, press the test button on each of the detectors and if the alarm does not sound then you should immediately change the batteries. All windows must be cleaned out of any dirt as this will have a direct implication on how the outside of your home looks. If you feel as if this is too much of a task you can always call up a domestic window cleaning in Perth and get them to do it for you.


Give your home a deep clean. At least twice a year you have to clean out your entire house. This may require a little bit of commitment and time, but if you feel as if it is too much work, just like calling up window cleaning service, there are plenty of companies which will deep clean your home for affordable rates. Another task for you to do is clean out the refrigerator coils. With its constant use these coils tend to get dirty, resulting in a decrease of performance, and an increase in the use of power.


These tasks do not need constant looking into, but every year or so it wouldn’t hurt to take a look and clean out anything that had any dirt built up. Check all the drainage. Make sure all the rainwater flows away from your home, rather than stagnate around it. Clean out the gutters which are ever so often filled with leaves and other sediment.

The above mentioned tasks are a very few out of the many there is to do. Although, if you have no clue as to where you should start, the above points can help you out.