Tips For Staying Strong During ‘Decluttering The House’ Project

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Clutter is something that accumulates in the house no matter how much you try to keep it clean. But clutter does not have to rule the house. The way to ensure this is make sure that there are decluttering habits ingrained to your lifestyle and others living in the house. Usually clutter tends to get up to mountainous piles in the garage, basement and the attic. And most of the time there is no organization and the pile just getting higher without you even remembering what you added to the pile in the first place.

Concentration must be upheld

Think of military discipline when you first start the decluttering phase. Most of us have the habit of getting out of sync and ending up doing something totally different from what we started. When decluttering the house you should not focus on cleaning the house. You should just give concentration to organizing the items that is piled up in drawers, shelves and boxes and other areas and making sure that they are in order. If you focus on cleaning while decluttering you will end up spending too much time, effort and energy and then get tired of decluttering. When you are going through the piles and cleaning you will probably have time for timber floorboard repair


Sentimentality must be discarded

Decluttering is hard for most people because we need to throw away items that we have held onto for a long time. Old picture frames that you bought during high schools which you are not using right now must be thrown away and not kept because you bought it a long time ago. Nostalgic items that are useless or hold no antique value must be given away or sold. Memories should be good enough without the actual items being in your hand. You must keep in mind that even if you keep that item because of memories, you will not remember its existence until you come across it in the next clean up session.

Although not cleaning, if you can do small things like timber floorboard repair and crack/gap filling it will be useful.

Useless items must be put into a separate pile but not thrown away. Items of whatever value can be sold during a yard or garage sale (great way to get your kids to help out) or given to a charity.

Usually any clothes and items that can be used on a daily basis should be donated. Other knickknacks can be sold through a yard sale if you have time or sold to a secondhand store in the town.