Small Changes That Can Help Your Home Feel Brand New

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Want to make a small yet significant change in your home, but don’t really know where or what to do? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few of our suggestions for you…!

In your garden

Ask yourself what kind of change you need. If it is to attract more wildlife or make it feel more lively, then adding a bird bath (and there for providing water for drinking and bathing) is a sure way to do it. This will particularly be a success in the harsh summer months, as water is not as easy to come by as it is. An outdoor plumber Woden should be able to help you out here. If you are tired of the same old bushes, or flower plants that new bloom, you might want to pull them out and start fresh with a new variety. Adding a proper walkway or path through your garden (wither using wooden planks or stones) can also make a huge difference

In your bathrooms

Your bathroom is definitely a high traffic spot in your home; even if you are living alone. It’s also the most “visited” spot by your house guests. Making a small change here might not be very obvious to your home’s visitors, but you will definitely feel it. You have many options as to the changes itself. You could get an instant heater installed for hot water, you could change your shower head or taps changed, you could get new bathroom accessories (including a new set of towels; either for your or for your guests), you could even get a new shower curtain. All of these will definitely small changes, but have a big effect.

In your bedroom

If there’s one space you spend more time than any other in your home, it is bedroom. Getting your furniture updated, by either getting new furniture, or updating the upholstery could make a huge difference. Alternatively, you can also change your bed’s mattress and pillows; and the quality of your sleep along with it. Apart from this (life changing) update, you can also bring about a change in your bedroom by giving your windows a thorough cleaning, and updating your drapes. Even things like wall decorations (or wall storage) can make a significant difference…

In your kitchen

If you love cooking, but are tired of looking around at the same old things, try moving a few things around. Make “zones” so you can find things faster. Having see through kitchen cabinets will reduce the time you spend looking for things; as well as make sure things are clutter free. Buying your kitchen a new set of knives (or a knife sharpener) can also change your entire cooking experience. You might also want to change the lighting of your kitchen; as some energy saving bulbs (that are most commonly used now-a-days) tend to dim over time…